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Every child is entitled to an education. Parents want to feel comfortable and
competent in assisting their children to achieve their full potential. How can
parents excite the mental appetites of their children if their mental appetites are not excited? TES believes that parents and students should be actively engaged in the educational process, because we know that students who have parental support reach a high level of success. Those who don’t, struggle.


TES encourages and guides students and parents toward academic excellence; fostering family engagement, with an emphasis on cultural specificity. We infuse culturally responsive teaching into the curriculum so that each child can see themselves in the world-wide picture of humanity. We want every student and parent to experience success in academic achievement and global competency.


TES offers services and guidance to students and parents in the pursuit of academic excellence.  We serve families by integrating student learning with parental engagement, within our programs:  Homeschooler’s Prep, (for homeschool students) and PAL, (for students in traditional schools). 

We are committed to:

  • A sense of community

  • Diversity

  • Social responsibility and 

  • Resilience

We pride ourselves on our dependability, customer satisfaction, and professionalism.
Transform your education into a win-win situation

Deborah Davis

Founder of TES.


BS Psychology, University of North Carolina-Greensboro
Focus: Behavior Modification

MA Special Education, Georgia State University
Focus: Learning Specialties

Eisenhower College
Focus: World Studies

Deborah G. Davis was born in Charleston, SC and raised in Harlem, NY. She has been tutoring since 6th grade, and was in gifted and honors classes throughout elementary, junior high, and high school.

She has also been blessed to have taught elementary, middle and high school, and has been a guest speaker on college campuses such as Spelman College, Emory University, Georgia State University, and The Interdenominational Theological Center. Her teaching methods and techniques have been developed from her research, and her experiences as a student, collaborative and content teacher.

Mrs. Davis retired from the Dekalb County School system in 2012. She has traveled throughout the US delivering classes, presentations and workshops. She returned part-time to the school system in 2020, and launched Transcendence Educational Services, LLC. As evidenced by these activities, she is not ready to stop teaching.

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